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We are regularly conducting a one-day workshop on financial risk management and the workshop is currently focused to provide training to various department personnel in the corporates. Currently we are conducting the workshop only for corporates with whom we have the business relationship.

The objective of the one day workshop is to enable discussion and interaction with the participants from the company on the basics of forex and treasury risk management. The one day workshop is aimed to raise the level of integration between the employees in the organization on the financial risks involved in various types of transactions. The workshop being conducted by us provides better scope and guidance for the various departments in the company to communicate the exposure details to treasury on the date of finalization of the export order, purchase order etc.

The contents of the course have been specifically designed to make the participants recognize the underlying risks involved in the revenue and capital categories of transactions.

The course contents in a booklet form containing the various topics on forex and treasury risk management is being circulated to all the participants for their study before attending our workshop on risk management.

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