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Our Company is a mutual fund distributor authorized by AMFI. Our distributor code number is ARN 81224.

We advise the corporates by giving the various options available for deriving higher yields on tenor-wise investments, keeping in mind the investment policy guidelines of the respective companies and the liquidity position in the market as the top priority.


We offer the following investment strategies for yield enhancement on deployment of funds in the liquid/liquid plus schemes of various mutual funds.

1) To position investment of funds in relation to the changing market conditions from time to time.

2) To invest for appropriate short-term tenor to derive the benefit of tenor risk premium.

3) To invest in various mutual fund schemes having a maximum lock-in period of one week to one month, without sacrificing on the liquidity requirements of the company.

4) To take advantage of investing in those schemes wherein the funds had earlier invested in short-term papers capturing higher yields than the yields currently prevailing for similar maturities.

5) To calibrate the investment portfolio into various investment options and tenors in relation to the tenor requirements of the corporates and evolve suitable strategies to meet the investment     objective of the corporates.

6) To suggest churning of the portfolio from time to time to get the best yields.

We are in regular contact with fund managers/sales team of various top-rated funds and are in a strong position to identify the schemes which can offer higher returns with no liquidity risk.

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