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For many of the corporates, we have undertaken the assignment of writing a suitable forex policy containing the foreign exchange management guidelines.

The policy document highlights the following.

The policy document highlights the following.

   1)     Objective of risk management.

   2)     Risk characteristics of exposures.

   3)     Fixation of benchmark rates for exposure management.

   4)     Internal policy guidelines for evaluation of hedged positions and unhedged exposures.

   5)     Regulatory compliance

   6)     Contours of interest rate risk management.

   7)     Constitution of a forex/treasury committee for supervising the activities of forex team.
   8)     Systems and control.

   9)     Performance measurement.

  10) Devising MIS reports in a comprehensive manner to make it easier readable by the Management, to ensure pro-active decision making on  

        hedging of exposures.

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